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Mainit na pagtanggap - Welcome Madame President

After a 13 hour flight from the Philippines to Berlin-Tiergarten , no sign of jetlag for her nor her husband,

Virgilio Farcon, Jr. 

At our first meeting at the airport, the warm-hearted openness of her personality touched me and I became aware of the honor bestowed upon me to be able to accompany them for the first two days of their stay.

Welcome at the airport.

The organization committee had planned an exciting program for the honored guests. 

At a small welcoming dinner at Eva Schaefer's place, right away important ideas  were discussed in connection with the President's social motto : Work Wonders.

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A realization of this could be documented at a visit at the Franciscan Monks' Soup Kitchen for the homeless.

Poverty is a well known problem in the Philippines and she was impressed by the well-organized and friendly handling by many volunteers who were ready to feed the waiting "guests" who patiently waited in line in spite of the pouring rain. 

Since it wasn't the first visit to Berlin, she asked for a visit to Potsdam which was also accompanied by Gwendolin Ropers who lead through the city and  the famous castle Sans Souci, ending in a coffee and cake stop at Gwendolin's, whose husband surprised Jun with a "happy birthday" trompet solo. 

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At an informal Spanish Dinner the first 150 arrivals met and kicked off the second European Rally. Many fotos and conversations with Zeny made the evening a perfect start. 

With her spirit and interest for so many future - oriented ideas, it was not only a privilege but also the gain of a new friendship for me.

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2. European Rally 2022 in Berlin September 09. - 11. starts in:


International Inner Wheel President Zenaida Farcon will visit us

BERLIN - the diversity creates the magic

A very important  Berlin-IW social project will be presented to our IIWP:  the Soup Kitchen for Homeless run by the Franciscan Monk`s Monastery in Berlin-Pankow

Foto Berlin Reichstag Lothar Weber





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